Have recently formed a partnership with Fosun Pharma, to distribute their Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) RT-PCR Detection Kit in Africa.

This product works on multiple instrumental platforms and with high accuracy, including Light cyclers and Quant Studios.

It has become the preferred PCR test in South Africa due to the specific 3 targets of detection: N, ORF1a and E gene.

Antigenic drift: the accumulations of mutations. SARS-CoV-2 501Y.V2 mutation demonstrate a mutation on the spike protein that allows for greater binding affinity to the ACE2 receptor, allowing for increased transmissibility.

Mutations in S gene, coding for the spike protein could cause S gene fall out in testing implications and reduce testing accuracy.

PCR testing directly tests for the presence of virus and common PCR assays like Thermofisher detects 3 targets → S, ORF1a and E gene have shown S gene fall outs in UK (N439k) and South African variant (501Y.V2) .

Testing therefore in South Africa is shifting away from Spiking protein or S gene detection and preferring Nucleocapsid or N gene targets.

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